Hello All!!

Testing time is here!! Testing dates are below as well as what is required, names, ways to pay your testing dues and reports. Please let me know if you have any questions by texting me direct at 3147501182.

Good luck to everyone!

CHILDRENS TESTING: Thursday October 20th Make up testing TBD


WHITE 1ST-white with a black stripe: 5:30-6:15 PM

Yellow to Yellow 1ST yellow with a black stripe- 6:15-7:00 PM

GREEN AND UP: 7:00PM and on


ADULTS ALL BELTS-October 21st Friday Starting at 6PM



1.) Testing fee paid to Front Desk or on WWW.hapkidoplus.com/pay-here five days before testing. There is also a White Drop Box on the right when you walk in the door.

2.) Testing Report Handed in No later than 5 days before Testing.

3.) Testing Form handed in No Later than 5 Days before Testing.

Here are the Fees and Reports.

Fees: Belt Testing FOR

White First 60.00

Yellow 70.00

Yellow 1st 80.00

Green 90.00

Green 1st 100.00

Blue 110.00

Blue 1st 120.00

Red 130.00

Red 1st 140.00

Reports: To be written for the BELT TESTING FOR:

9th Gup White 1st Belt:  COURTESY (1 Page)

8th Gup Yellow Belt: INTEGRITY (1 Page)

7th Gup Yellow 1st Belt: PERSEVERANCE (1 Page)

6th Gup Green Belt: SELF-CONTROL (1 Page)

5th Gup Green 1st Belt: INDOMITABLE SPIRIT (1 Page)

4TH Gup Blue Belt: What do you hope to accomplish during your Hapkido Training? (2 Pages)

3rd Gup Blue 1st Belt: What is the reason you started training? How do you stay motivated to achieve in Hapkido and Life? (2 Pages)

2nd Gup Red Belt: How will you pass this your Hapkido mindset onto future generations? Why pass this on? (3 Pages)

1st Gup Red 1st Belt: What will you Hapkido Body and Mind do for you in the future? How will all this training and Brotherhood help you after you graduate? Where is the end of your training? (4 Pages)


SIDE NOTE: We only generally test 2ce a year. We dont do it every 6 weeks or so like a lot of places. I am personally happy to have you with us. Long Live the Plus!!

CHILDRENS TESTING LIST: true = paid / false = not paid

Bauer Randy Blue 1st
Bax Landon White 1st
Bax Kolten White 1st
Behrens Chloe Yellow 1st
Bucher Chase White 1st
Burton Kaleb Green
Burton Cameron Yellow 1st
Chenault Trent Yellow
Chmiel Aiden Green 1st
Coleman Ian Yellow 1st
Cunningham Jacob White 1st
Dammerich Raven Yellow 1st
Danna Liam Green
Danna Geno Green
Demma Elijah Yellow
Demma Kinsley Yellow
Diaz Giselle White 1st
Diaz Angel White 1st
Dothage Auggie Yellow 1st
Dothage Azliee Yellow
Dougherty Trace Green
Fincher Draven White 1st
Garrett Eli Green
Gilkey Shaylin Yellow 1st
Hampton Ashton Red
Harmon Griz Green
Harmon Haddie Yellow 1st
Harris Trey White 1st
Harris Cam White 1st
Hayden Kaylie Green
Hayden Sadie Yellow 1st
Heitgerd Easton Green 1st
Heitgerd Owen Green 1st
Hoffman Carson Yellow
Iliff Connor Green 1st
Kleyman Adam White 1st
Koffkey LJ Red
Kramer Jayden Yellow
Krysmann Wynter Green 1st
Kuelker Dylan White 1st
Kuelker Chase Yellow 1st
Laney Doniven Green
Larkin Jackson Yellow
Linderg William White 1st
Marren Lincoln White 1st
Maurer Nate Yellow
Niffen Anthony Yellow
Pitts Bryan Yellow 1st
Roberson Ezra Yellow 1st
Rodgers Carter White 1st
Rushing Logan Yellow
Sanders Lucian Yellow 1st
Sheets James Yellow
Shields Dan White 1st
Silvis Rhy Rhy Green
Sterling Parker Green
Stone Kora Yellow 1st
Svay Kai Yellow 1st
Sweede Stetson Blue
Talley Hogan Red
Thompson Claire Yellow 1st
Turner Payton Yellow 1st
Villa Jade White 1st
Villa Analia White 1st
Voss Jackson Green
Williams Kason Blue
Wippler Everett Green 1st
Wippler Adeline White 1st


true = paid / false = not paid

Baker Hannah Yellow
Boyer Joey Yellow 1st
Bristol Greg Blue
Bynum Jhaden Green 1st
Coleman Dawson Red
Conder Nevaeh Red
Dougherty Cash Green
Dusenburg Frank Blue
Garner Shane Blue
Gilkey James Green
Haydon Andrew Yellow 1st
Jaseckas Colton Red 1st
Koch Ryker Red 1st
Kopf Bently Green 1st
Kramer Max Blue 1st
Kurtz Brandon Blue
Kurtz Ezra Red
Lambert Levi Yellow
Laney Damien Blue
Laney Dominic Blue
Mitchell Emily Blue
Noll Seth Blue 1st
Noll Aiden Blue
Odom Alex Blue
Ridgley Blake Yellow 1st
Rushing Rebecca Yellow 1st
Rushing Mason Yellow 1st
Sanders Daniel Yellow
Sanders Xander Yellow 1st
Spenard Payton Yellow
Temple Logan Red 1st
Walton Mikala Yellow