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Adults Martial Arts Class Warrenton

We have students from Beginners to Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu and more training at Hapkido Plus.

As adults we NEED a program that challenges us, gives us balance and gives us a release from our everyday. This is the program that you need. No filler, all benefit. In backgrounds in Karate, Taekwondo, MMA they all come here to get balanced. If you are looking for a full program based on Real Self Defense with no forms or kid championships This is it. People that want to work with High Quality Fantastic people, Train Here.

Adults Class Warrenton MO 63383 Hapkido Martial arts

Hapkido Adult Class Martial Art Packages

What you Get…..

  • We have flexable and open schedules where you can pick your class nights.
  • No long term enrolls or year end student dues.
  • First Dobok (Uniform) is on us.
  • Some Hapkido Paks come with 24 Hour Full Fitness Gym access for you AND your family-Kids under 16 are free in the gym(As long as they come to work)
  • No frequent testings
  • All Self Defense, No Competitions


Todays lives are Tough! Its about time you schedule some block time for yourself. You have zero to lose. Trust Me. Use the scheduler to book your Free Trial Class and I will personally see you through. If you have additional questions, TEXT ME DIRECT at 3147501182. You now have a direct line to the instructor and owner. And that is something you don’t get anywhere else. ~MK