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Not Sure about Martial Arts for your Kid? We have other Child Fitness Programs!!

Lets face it, sometimes Martial Arts is not for our kiddo. However we have so much to offer here at Hapkido Plus and K4 Fitness. Check out our Tumbling, Gym and Outdoor Sports Sections (Coming Soon)

Family Fitness is where its at!~Use our Automagic scheduler to get your free trial today!

K4 Fitness Tumbling-min

Tumbling Gymnastics

24 Months and up

Starting at ages 24 Months and up. This is a great program to establish balance and stability while having a great time. If you would like a Free Trial Class. Use our Automagic Scheduler!

K4 Fitness Warrenton Gym-min

Kids Exercise

8 Years and Up

Kids under 16 are free here at K4 Fitness with a paid membership in our gym. We are the one place that allows this. As long as they come to work, We have a place for them. Start them early!

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Upcoming Sports Options

Soccer,Weight Lifting, Warrior Programs

We offer so much here at Hapkido Plus and K4 Fitness. Look to the future for our new expansion projects!