1.) The last billing cycle for your gym membership will be on April 10th. For the time that you pay for it will be FORWARD CARRIED to our new open date. Which means, you are paying in April, If we go back live in May/June, your next billing will be June/July because you already paid for that month. 

2.) Due to the roll-out of federal guidelines, we are looking for a Reinstatement of May 18th. We fall into the Phase 2 section of Federal guidelines. As it is impossible to have HKD classes with 10 or less. We will be restarting classes on June 1st.

3.) We are still moving ahead with small construction, so we would hope to have the new batting cages up or relatively close when we come back online. However we have been making strides on the front area, the TRX area, the Kiosk and new machines from storage back in operation.

4.) If you have questions about billing or cancellations…..We ARE NOT TAKING CANCELLATIONS VIA FACEBOOK!! Contact the owner direct at 3147501182. The 60 day cancellation still applies.

5.) Keep contact via this page for updates and communications.

We have extended the shut down by a few days. At this time we are looking to the Governor of Missouri and Local city meetings for what we are looking to do.

This is a hard time for you, us and all the surrounding small businesses. I love and respect you for being here at K4 Fitness and Hapkido Plus. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you…….and I look forward to getting out of my House and back to action.