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What we do

We provide the BEST PROGRAM and BONUSES that you will find NOWHERE ELSE!!

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This is a full program with no fillers and all results. No part time instructors or hidden fees. Take our 1 week pass and get bonuses on everything we do. Ages 5 and UP. CHECK OUT OUR RESUME!


People LOVE US!! While your student is in class you could be working out in our 24/7 FULL GYM. Pick up a Personal Trainer or hit the Tread!! BONUS! NO EXTRA DRIVING/FREE GYM WITH ELITE PAK.


GO PRO!! With our Newest INDOOR SPORTS COMPLEX, Life doesn’t get any sweeter ;) Indoor Batting, Team Hitting and Agility Training and Classes, Ninja Warrior Course and Classes, Bootcamps and Nurf/Ninja/ Sports Birthday Parties. FREE DAYS IN COMPLEX WITH YOUR HAPKIDO MEMBERSHIP!!

Who We Are

We are full time fantastic. This is all we do, This is all we WANT to do....
A HAPKIDO PLUS student is more ready for the challenges that life will throw at them....

    No filler, No year end dues, Non Franchise. All Family.

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    Straight A Students AND Life Skill Lessons


    Teaching in Warrenton for 15 Years and Growing.......


    Get bonus of FREE 24/7 Gym and FREE time in our Complex!


Get to know the Fantastic People that make up the PLUS in Hapkido Plus!!
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Master Jeremiah Koch

Lead Instructor (Mouse over)
This is all we do, This is all we WANT to do. No part time instructors. We don’t hold office somewhere else. With over 20 years professionally in Martial Arts and Internationally Certified you will get no better instruction than at Hapkido Plus!!
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Mr. Troy Bradshaw

Assistant/Lead Instructor
With going on 15 years experience you will find no better. From Hand to Hand, to Sparring and Drills. Adults to Children’s class. Mr. Bradshaw is a true asset to Hapkido Plus and Martial Arts as a whole.
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Mr. Dave Long

Assistant Instructor
Combined experience of 18 years Mr. Long is one of the best at what he does. Fantastic hand to hand, boxing and ground. Great children’s class and personal lesson instructor.
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Mr. Mitch Hampton

Assistant Instructor
Mr. Hampton is a great instructor for straight in shoot fighting, joint breaks and manipulation. Truly a great person to round out our team for aggressive ground and striking. If you are going to have a great team. You need this guy!!
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Ms. Wendy Koch

Office Coordinator/Hapkido Practitioner
The Glue that holds this place together. She is not only one of our Fantastic Hapkido Practitioners she also schedules your classes and shows you love! This is a family run business. Go Team Green!!
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Ms. Amy Long

Personal Trainer/Hapkido Practitioner
Ms. Amy was our first and is one of the best Personal Trainers in the area! Not only is she great at Hapkido she continues to train our students parents during their kids classes. So don’t just sit on the bench. Go train at the same time kids are in class. Don’t let your kids get ahead of you!!
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Mr. Mark Rogers

Ninja Course Specialist/Hapkido Practitioner
With years of experience in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido there is nothing Mr. Mark has not seen. Additionally he is the mad professor of your new Ninja Warrior Course here in Warrenton. GET SOME!!


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